Fenton Scholes

FEnton Scholes

Fenton Scholes, a PVSC member since 1937, said he started surfing when he and a friend encountered a group of surfers in Malibu. “One of them was a guy I went to school with, so I borrowed his board and made my own,” Scholes said. He taught himself to surf and “got my first wave at the little reef in Bluff Cove, Palos Verdes.”

Scholes has brought a paperback book that resembles a photo album to the weekly lunch. The book, “Kanaka Days,” by “Miller, 1944,” is a collection of cartoons and captions that depict a full day’s surfing. The author, Warren Miller, is joining the group this week, and Scholes has asked him to autograph the book.

“This is one of those things you treasure,” Scholes said. “I’ve got books and books of surfing pictures, but that’s one of the best.”